Ariana Grande - Wit It This Christmas (Audio)

17 dec 2015
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Ariana Grande - Wit It This Christmas (Audio)
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  • 2021??

    Tamires MeiraTamires Meira8 timmar sedan
  • anyone here in 2021?

    Sadae' HigginsSadae' HigginsDag sedan
  • Is sooo aswsome i lov it

    HarlieHarlie2 dagar sedan
  • Anyone know who the violinist is??

    Beat the BopBeat the Bop6 dagar sedan
  • I just wanna say thank you to Subin from Victon for showing me this song 💙💛💙

    S Y D N E Y S M I T HS Y D N E Y S M I T H8 dagar sedan
  • 2021

    cami quinteroscami quinteros11 dagar sedan
  • Real Arinators are listening to this in 2021

    Squishy Squad 142Squishy Squad 14214 dagar sedan
  • Here in 2021 anybody?

    Addison ASMRAddison ASMR14 dagar sedan
  • 2021 ?

    E. OtenE. Oten16 dagar sedan
  • 2021 Arianators???? Where y’all at?

    Callie MartinCallie Martin18 dagar sedan
  • 2021???

    iiamtasjaiiamtasja23 dagar sedan
  • i don’t care what year nor month, this song is the definition of aesthetic

    Osokio GamingOsokio Gaming24 dagar sedan
  • if you're listening this in 2021, you're a legend.

    —мiscαττ ღ—мiscαττ ღ26 dagar sedan
  • "Are you down for some of these milk and cookies"

    Chrishuna DanielsChrishuna DanielsMånad sedan

    Erica mae BuccatErica mae BuccatMånad sedan
  • Great

    RosefblackpinkRosefblackpinkMånad sedan
  • Alguém do Brasil

    Rəi MiaymotøRəi MiaymotøMånad sedan
  • Who’s here in 2021?

    Keira Bellas xoKeira Bellas xoMånad sedan
  • 2k21 anyone? Just me? Ok.

    Tegra Nawej MankandTegra Nawej MankandMånad sedan
  • 0:00 - 0:20 i don’t care 0:38 - 0:50 best mistake

    paulobapaulobaMånad sedan
  • Hi 2021

    Oliwia StosurOliwia StosurMånad sedan

    NK8NK8Månad sedan
  • Thanks to you Mateus Asato

    Louis DominicLouis DominicMånad sedan
  • Loved😍😍

    Ximena UuzuriagaXimena Uuzuriaga2 månader sedan
  • who is here after she performance that on the swt?❤️❤️

    Ilaria MinghellaIlaria Minghella2 månader sedan
  • Who’s here in 2021?

    WopWop2 månader sedan
  • I have an unhealthy habit of listening to this song everyday since like.. a year

    sophiesophie2 månader sedan
  • ♥️

    Emma LamsEmma Lams2 månader sedan
  • am I a real ari stan cause I HAD NO IDEA this album existed wth

    Rachet Hoe 3000 the 2ndRachet Hoe 3000 the 2nd2 månader sedan
  • It's With It Not Wit It Lol

    Midnight CarnageMidnight Carnage2 månader sedan
  • What means 'Wit'?

    JJ MGJJ MG2 månader sedan
  • Merry Christmas 🥰❤️

    X ExoticDezX ExoticDez2 månader sedan
  • I love this song I love this album and im so excited when I come back to listen it at Christmas

    maxer plmaxer pl2 månader sedan
  • Merry christmas

    florian belleterreflorian belleterre2 månader sedan
  • Back again 🎄

    IAM JNICOLEIAM JNICOLE2 månader sedan
  • Merry Christmas all Bye-Bye 2020 Welcome 2021

    Vina ElOzVina ElOz2 månader sedan
  • 1:00

    상우상우2 månader sedan
  • here on christmas eve! merry christmas everyone❤️

    GeminixiaGeminixia2 månader sedan
  • Merry Christmas.

    whereare _theavocadoswhereare _theavocados2 månader sedan
  • i remember i used to listen to this ep in summer lmao ariana had me hooked with this

    ariari2 månader sedan

    MiaMia2 månader sedan
  • reminds me of a time.... hA

    bube udehbube udeh2 månader sedan
  • ;;)

    bube udehbube udeh2 månader sedan
  • Merry Christmas babe‘s 💕

    Саския - SaskiaСаския - Saskia2 månader sedan
  • If u feelin “festive” and like Christmas n chill..> here’s my new RNB Christmas song. And another song coming out tomorrow! 🎁❄️🖤✨

    B AngelB Angel2 månader sedan
  • omg its so nostalgic now😭

    bangtan sonyeondanbangtan sonyeondan2 månader sedan
  • 0:46

    SouriisSouriis2 månader sedan
  • *wit it this christmas, lyrics* come and kiss me, baby we don't need no mistletoe, hmm we don't need no fireplace boy, i'll keep you nice and warm, hey are you down for some of these milk and cookies? down for loving, you'll be my drummer boy and i'm the only drum that you gonna play 'tis the season for some love giving so i think you should give your love to me baby, let me know are you wit it? are you wit it? are you wit it this christmas? [baby, let me know] are you wit it? are you wit it? are you wit it this christmas? we don't need no presents we don't need that kitchen we don't need them recipes you know i'm tasty like a candy cane or a gingerbread i'm made with love are you down for some of these milk and cookies? down for loving, you'll be my drummer boy and i'm the only drum that you gonna play 'tis the season for some love giving so i think you should give your love to me baby, let me know are you wit it? are you wit it? are you wit it this christmas? [baby, let me know] are you wit it? are you wit it? are you wit it this christmas?

    sandysandy2 månader sedan
  • Me this christmas

    Master 101Master 1012 månader sedan
  • Nobody- Me: Trying to figure out who you guys are talking about when you say no one else is listening to this in November when they clearly are. 😂💕

    Starry SubliminalsStarry Subliminals2 månader sedan
  • esta canción me da vibras de "Sixth Thirty" :o

    Geraldine ZanabriaGeraldine Zanabria2 månader sedan
    • sisisiis Ö

      nati :3nati :32 månader sedan
  • The Christmas version of six thirty

    keelykeely2 månader sedan
  • My friend and I are polar opposites and he made me listen to this while I made him listen to my hard rock and emo music lol let's just say he was surprised

    Nat MendozaNat Mendoza2 månader sedan
  • Anyone in december 2020?

    brony mlpbrony mlp2 månader sedan
    • When December comes i bet u want to, wrap me all up and take me home wit u🥰

      No Tears Left In ButeraNo Tears Left In Butera2 månader sedan
  • Im here cause Christmas is nearly approaching 😊 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone, 😊😊😇

    Almayda MendozaAlmayda Mendoza2 månader sedan
  • He'll Appear Play Along

    Chumbawamba UhChumbawamba Uh2 månader sedan
  • Yessss

    Jordan MarshallJordan Marshall2 månader sedan
  • who came back here for christmas 2020?

    Izzy YoungIzzy Young2 månader sedan
  • omg your cat from sam and cat I love that show

    Selina ZecenaSelina Zecena2 månader sedan
  • angelic❤❤❤

    ToshikajuToshikaju2 månader sedan
  • the underrated one

    dayday2 månader sedan

    Patricia CaronanPatricia Caronan2 månader sedan
  • Ariana GRANDE'S music is sooo unique

    Guershon Saint-FleurGuershon Saint-Fleur2 månader sedan
  • if you’re still listening to this in 2020 with all the bad things and terrible stuff happening, you’re a true legend

    Skyler CabrelloSkyler Cabrello2 månader sedan
  • Hi ! My baby i miss u so mach i love u ! 😘😘😘😋😋😋🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰😜😜😜🤫😴 john ling

    Gsm GsmGsm Gsm2 månader sedan
  • Love her I need another Christmas album for 2020

    That Kid TaeThat Kid Tae2 månader sedan
  • Cmon 2020 Christmas 🎄🤍

    Ari FYIAri FYI2 månader sedan
  • The beginning of this song literally sounds like the intro of "shut up".

    Luna EclipseLuna Eclipse2 månader sedan
  • B1447

    Jarvis AlexanderJarvis Alexander2 månader sedan
  • still the most underrated christmas song

    hahahaha2 månader sedan
  • Its December 2020 this is my 4th year of being an Arianator xoxo Merry Christmas everyone :)

    lxvlyylxvlyy2 månader sedan
  • 0:39 cause you’re the best mistake i’ve ever made

    paulobapauloba2 månader sedan
  • Are we gonna get a Christmas album 2020?

    GiovanniGiovanni2 månader sedan
  • Oh sweet they got Ariana's new Christmas song as the commercial for this Christmas song 😊

    joshua lepretrejoshua lepretre2 månader sedan
  • 🍒❄💋📮❤❤ Happy Holidays Lovers & Friends!

  • Guys Christmas is coming and this stupid year is gonna end and all we can do is to hope the next year will be better🥺

    Adrian GrandeAdrian Grande2 månader sedan
  • it's already december 😄

    Willy PurrumWilly Purrum2 månader sedan
  • This song slaps so hard 😔

    I Hate Bongo BongoI Hate Bongo Bongo2 månader sedan

    dezireedeziree2 månader sedan
  • I dont know about yall but i am ready for christmas

    Meine SchnürsenkelMeine Schnürsenkel2 månader sedan
  • 2020😍?

    Queen NiaQueen Nia2 månader sedan
  • I’m the only one listens in december

    sofia martinssofia martins2 månader sedan
  • this song is very similar to six thirty!!

    Dania BDania B2 månader sedan
    • omg yes

      GisselGissel2 månader sedan
  • Thia song is pretty good

    rostengs lemoandetrostengs lemoandet2 månader sedan
  • This song is dope.😆😁

    Jasmine MajorJasmine Major2 månader sedan
  • Finally it is the right time to play this ☺️☺️☺️❤️🥰🥰I love this song

    Tori SmithTori Smith2 månader sedan
  • Love this song ♥️♥️♥️

    Ana beatriz Peres floresAna beatriz Peres flores2 månader sedan
  • 2020?

    SneeryArtifact 4SneeryArtifact 42 månader sedan
  • This is the best Christmas song, I listen to when I'm with a lover. ❤

    Martin SkorseseMartin Skorsese2 månader sedan
  • Aaaa yas

    Jhet Andrei TorresJhet Andrei Torres2 månader sedan
  • Anyone 2020?

    Netto GamesNetto Games2 månader sedan
  • the way i played this song ever month and now we’re in december

    Ward GrandeWard Grande2 månader sedan
  • PERIODT✨✨☁️☁️🐝🐝 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍

    cloudxpositionscloudxpositions2 månader sedan

    Abbie LambethAbbie Lambeth2 månader sedan
  • This really gives me vibe of her New album

    selena_ YTselena_ YT2 månader sedan
  • Who's listening in December?

    Severino do ovo fritoSeverino do ovo frito2 månader sedan
  • Dec 1st

    Arianator and Army!Arianator and Army!2 månader sedan
  • Son: Dad, why is my sister's name Rose? Dad: Because your mother loves Roses Son: Oh, okay dad ty Dad: Your welcome Ariana Grande - Wit It This Christmas (Audio)

    ArianasalArianasal2 månader sedan
    • @•cat • the joke is that the children are named after what the parents love so the son was named after this song 😂

      Successful RecordsSuccessful RecordsMånad sedan
    • I dont get it

      •cat ••cat •2 månader sedan
    • 😂😂😂🥰🥰

      Panayiotis SoultanisPanayiotis Soultanis2 månader sedan
  • I will listen this song every day during december bcs its my fav Lets start: December 1st ✔ December 2nd ✔ December 3rd ✔ December 4th ✔ December 5th ✔ December 6th ✔ December 7th ✔ December 8th ✔ December 9th ✔ December 10th✔ December 11th✔ December 12th✔ December 13th✔ December 14th✔ December 15th✔ December 16th✔ December 17th✔ December 18th✔ December 19th✔ December 20th✔ December 21th✔ December 22nd✔ December 23rd✔ December 24th✔ December 25th✔ December 26th✔ December 27th✔ December 28th✔ December 29th✔ December 30th✔ December 31st✔ Merry Christmas!! It has been a really nice december, i came here to listen everyday- so bye for now

    ArianasalArianasal2 månader sedan
    • If u feelin “festive” and like Christmas n chill..> here’s my new RNB Christmas song. And another song coming out tomorrow! 🎁❄️🖤✨

      B AngelB Angel2 månader sedan
    • dec 22💝

      Somsubhra PalSomsubhra Pal2 månader sedan
    • heyy todayy dec 18th

      Haura KhusailaHaura Khusaila2 månader sedan
    • 16thhh

      maddie lolmaddie lol2 månader sedan
    • heeey, 13th?

      julian.julian.2 månader sedan
  • 1:03

    Jian LariegoJian Lariego2 månader sedan