Ariana Grande - make up (Audio)

14 feb 2019
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Music video by Ariana Grande performing make up (Audio). © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Mood Dance Actived 💖

    HarlieHarlie15 timmar sedan
  • Who here in 2021

    FavourOlugunwaFavourOlugunwaDag sedan
  • Ariana eu te amo❤

    Cicero SouzaCicero Souza2 dagar sedan
  • John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    Isabel PetersonIsabel Peterson5 dagar sedan
  • This song is 2 years old? Wha? How? Time flies by to quickly.

    ayjfr88ayjfr886 dagar sedan
  • 😩😩

    strawxberry_ariistrawxberry_arii6 dagar sedan
  • My brother got a tattoo yesterday and I got the lyrics from this song on his willy he got the lyrics ‘bring it to the bed so we can really make it right’ idk why tho but now his gf is really turned on by it and she came to our house yesterday to come see it and then in the living room in front of my gran my mum our cat poddle and my dad she started biting it my cat thought my brothers willy was a toy so he started biting it too and he had an orgasm to it I left bc it was uncomfortable for me to watch but then I got woken up at 4:07 am and I went down to see my brother and my mum kissing lol I went back upstairs to sleep unbothered

    Kermit The FrogKermit The Frog7 dagar sedan
  • the beginning sounds like... cAndY CaNeS aNd ChRiStMaS-

    Ramen NoodlesRamen Noodles7 dagar sedan
  • after 2 years and we're still at 9.5m views, this is so underrated :(

    taevunyytaevunyy7 dagar sedan
    • but over 100M streams on spotify 😘

      KandyKandy7 dagar sedan

    Kate O'TooleKate O'Toole9 dagar sedan
  • One of the best songs on tun and stop calling it a “filler ”bcoz the lyrics and production don’t match that name 🥰❤️

    Ola JezewskaOla Jezewska10 dagar sedan
  • MAKE UP SONGTEXT I like to fuck with you just to make up with you 'Cause of the way you be screamin' my name Make me wanna make love to you I might break up with you just to make up with you At the end of the day, boy You know that I'm 'bout to wake up with you I love it when we make up (Yeah-eh-eh) Go 'head, ruin my makeup (Yeah-eh-eh) I love it when we make up (Yeah-eh-eh) Go 'head, ruin my makeup (Yeah-eh-eh) My energy and attitude don't really coincide I'm stayin' mad all day so we can let it out tonight Bring you to the bed where we can really make it right Sorry-in-a-box, so when it pops, surprise, surprise I love it when we make up (Yeah-eh-eh) Go 'head, ruin my makeup (Yeah-eh-eh) I love it when we make up (Yeah-eh-eh) Go 'head, ruin my makeup (Yeah-eh-eh)

    Estelle GardEstelle Gard11 dagar sedan
  • someone explain to me why nasa is preferred over this song please im dying to know what's wrong with peoples ears

    gay toulousegay toulouse12 dagar sedan
    • @sukii ur so right

      gay toulousegay toulouse4 dagar sedan
    • @Regina George this song is angelic

      sukiisukii7 dagar sedan
    • cause this song is bad and NASA is good

      Regina GeorgeRegina George7 dagar sedan
    • i mean i like both of them and i don’t think nasa is better and i don’t think make up is better

      sukiisukii10 dagar sedan

    HarlieHarlie12 dagar sedan
  • it's a very good song

    Willy PurrumWilly Purrum13 dagar sedan
  • 🤩🤩

    cami quinteroscami quinteros14 dagar sedan
  • “Where my makeup stans at?” ... “All 4 of you” Like if u get the reference

    Skylight StudiosSkylight Studios15 dagar sedan
  • 🙈🥰🙈🙈🙈🥰🙈🙈😍😍😍

    ASMRXASMRX15 dagar sedan
  • i love this and bloodline so much omg

    ariannaカブレラariannaカブレラ16 dagar sedan
  • "Where my makeup stans at? All 3 of you!" XD

    Calistus JayCalistus Jay16 dagar sedan
  • One of the best songs off the album 👏🤍

    Billy BobBilly Bob18 dagar sedan
  • Música injustiçada

    Yan EspíndolaYan Espíndola18 dagar sedan

    Ebru altunEbru altun18 dagar sedan
  • ✨ Ariana grande✨

    Arleth SotoArleth Soto19 dagar sedan
    • ✨grande ariana✨

      carolinecaroline6 dagar sedan
  • Ariana grande i love you Álbum fav 'THANK U NEXT'

    Renata Antunes De SouzaRenata Antunes De Souza21 dag sedan
  • 2:03 it sounds like Mario is jumping

    Spell Jr.Spell Jr.21 dag sedan
  • I don't understand why this music is so devalued

    Isaac PradoIsaac Prado22 dagar sedan
  • this song fits so well in positions album🤍

    Lourdes RomeroLourdes Romero22 dagar sedan
  • I LOVE 😫😫

    Abby CarreraAbby Carrera23 dagar sedan
  • 💞💞💞

    mel e danimel e dani24 dagar sedan
  • I miss this album :(

    Román ArianatorRomán Arianator24 dagar sedan
    • @{ Sweetener Butera } 😪

      Román ArianatorRomán Arianator16 dagar sedan
    • Me too :(

      { Sweetener Butera }{ Sweetener Butera }24 dagar sedan
    • @Harry Hotchin if you heard it but practically I mean the era thank u, next :(

      Román ArianatorRomán Arianator24 dagar sedan
    • I love you thank u, next album

      Román ArianatorRomán Arianator24 dagar sedan
  • Why do you love this song? The lyrics? The rythm? Me: Ye he he!

    anthonii 60anthonii 6026 dagar sedan
  • ARIANA💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    Lidija MedicLidija Medic26 dagar sedan
  • I love you Ariana!!! 💙💙💙

    Lidija MedicLidija Medic26 dagar sedan
  • Yesss😪 So underrated

    yo fairy godmotheryo fairy godmother28 dagar sedan
  • Me the whole day:. IsSa MoOd, IsSa ViBe, IsSa LoOk, IsSa MaTcH

    Kerla LimaKerla Lima28 dagar sedan
  • You know this is your song when your heartbeat matches up with the beat.

    Kayla TillinghastKayla Tillinghast28 dagar sedan
  • This is the most underrated song from this album 🥺

    Nayeli CazaresNayeli Cazares29 dagar sedan
  • 222

    Kathryn RutledgeKathryn Rutledge29 dagar sedan
  • 1:20❤️

    xlvmzxlvmz29 dagar sedan
  • I still listen to this song ❤️

    chaaahd Dchaaahd DMånad sedan

    Pedro BragaPedro BragaMånad sedan
  • I like fanty beaty too, Ari ;)

    Lidia HajdusLidia HajdusMånad sedan
  • make up stans rise🤌🏼

    nevaehhh.nevaehhh.Månad sedan
  • Who else thought this was about makeup? 💄

    dj johnsondj johnsonMånad sedan
  • My favorite song from album

  • This is very cool i love you and your make-up 😘

    Aissata NdiayeAissata NdiayeMånad sedan
  • I can’t get over the tun era

    the cereal killerthe cereal killerMånad sedan
  • Anita HendricksAnita HendricksMånad sedan
  • I seriously can’t believe people think this is the worst song on the album it’s one of my favorites.

    xerxes vendázquezxerxes vendázquezMånad sedan
  • the fact that this doesn’t even have 10 million views is so frustrating :’v

    Aleishaliz VegaAleishaliz VegaMånad sedan
  • Makeups the only song on the album without 10m views :(

    Makeup by ChristyJMakeup by ChristyJMånad sedan
  • I like this song makes you want to dance and fuck

    Karelii xxxKarelii xxxMånad sedan
  • She’s so good at fast singing! You can understand everything she’s saying and that’s really hard with a song with some very fast lines

    Gaby PoloGaby PoloMånad sedan
  • I love this song OMG yaaaas

    Richard RendonRichard RendonMånad sedan
  • A bop 😍

    Casa trujilloCasa trujilloMånad sedan
  • ARIANA GRANDE!!💜💜...

  • *

    IvanmigueletIvanmigueletMånad sedan
  • Who else hears " its ari in a box " instead of " its already in a box " ?

    Dream RobinsonDream RobinsonMånad sedan
    • @sukii bro then im dumb 😂😂

      Dream RobinsonDream RobinsonMånad sedan
    • @Dream Robinson yeah-

      sukiisukiiMånad sedan
    • @sukii wait frl

      Dream RobinsonDream RobinsonMånad sedan
    • i looked it up it’s “sorry in a box”

      sukiisukiiMånad sedan
    • @sukii lmaooo 😂😂😂

      Dream RobinsonDream RobinsonMånad sedan
  • UNDERATED!!!!!!!!

    strawxberry_ariistrawxberry_ariiMånad sedan
  • 2021 ?

    Tik Tok For EverTik Tok For EverMånad sedan
  • Thr reggae influence on this is chef kiss

    Wasted TimesWasted TimesMånad sedan

    Maja MuchaMaja MuchaMånad sedan
  • Who's here after "excuse me I love you"

    mesh otienomesh otienoMånad sedan
  • Good song💚👍

    ViKiSViKiSMånad sedan

    jayden wheelerjayden wheelerMånad sedan
  • Ariana Grande - make up I like to fuck with you Just to make up with you 'cause the way you be screamin' my name Make me wanna make love to you I might break up with you Just to make up with you At the end of the day, boy You know that I'm 'bout to wake up with you I love it when we make up (yeah-eh-eh) Go 'head, ruin my makeup (yeah-eh-eh) I love it when we make up (yeah-eh-eh) Go 'head, ruin my makeup (yeah-eh-eh) My energy and attitude don't really coincide I'm stayin' mad all day So we can let it out tonight Bring you to the bed Where we can really make it right Sorry in the box So when it pops up by surprise I love it when we make up (yeah-eh-eh) Go 'head, ruin my makeup (yeah-eh-eh) I love it when we make up (yeah-eh-eh) Go 'head, ruin my makeup (yeah-eh-eh) Promise me that when you kiss my lips You'll make it stick That's the way to shut me up after an argument No eyeliner on, but looking at you is the fix Highlight of my life Just like that fenty beauty kit I love it when we make up (yeah-eh-eh) Go 'head, ruin my makeup (yeah-eh-eh) I love it when we make up (yeah-eh-eh) Go 'head, ruin my makeup (yeah-eh-eh) Gonna stay in my bag 'Cause I like when you mad It's a mood, it's a vibe It's a look, it's a match I told you my mind You say that I'm right (that I'm right) And I find all the words every time And I love it when we make up (yeah-eh-eh) (and I love it when we make up) Go 'head, ruin my makeup (yeah-eh-eh) ('head, ruin my make up) I love it when we make up (yeah-eh-eh) (and I love it when we make up) Go 'head, ruin my makeup (yeah-eh-eh) (go ahead, ruin my makeup, yuh) Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah Oh no, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah Mm, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, uh-huh

    Davi AmorimDavi AmorimMånad sedan
  • ow i ddnt notice this song until i saw on netflix

    So YáSo YáMånad sedan
  • I don't understand why people say this is underated

    Flaudio ._.12Flaudio ._.12Månad sedan
  • I love when she sang this in the documentary and the sweetener tour 💜

    Kiaralix ColonKiaralix ColonMånad sedan
  • Oi 😊❤❤

    Cicera Teixeira CinhaCicera Teixeira CinhaMånad sedan
  • I love make up🌙💜✨🥺🦋🍓☁️ånad sedan
  • i love it when we make up 🤍🤍🤍🖤🖤🖤🥂

    Ahmad GAhmad GMånad sedan
  • Vibe check... 100% of awesome 👏

    Ava SeguraAva SeguraMånad sedan
  • Holy- Reading the comments read me in disgust, people actually say this is bad ? I- Byr

    ari. cvpsari. cvpsMånad sedan
  • She my fave singer

    Creative Unicorn MastersCreative Unicorn Masters2 månader sedan
  • im crazy ! this is not favorite song but i really loveeee it 😍😅😂 im a real Arianator ! thats for sure 😊😊😊

    Atanaz TavassoliAtanaz Tavassoli2 månader sedan
  • anyone from NETFLIX? hehehehe

    Ilo MiloIlo Milo2 månader sedan
  • why everybody hates this song?

    arianagrandearianagrande2 månader sedan
  • miriã borgesmiriã borges2 månader sedan
  • Who is here after excuse me, i love you? I'm going to listen to the albums again like when they first went out lmao

    Ian LópezIan López2 månader sedan
    • 👋🏽 literally just watched it

      Queen BeautyQueen Beauty2 månader sedan
  • i always hear "promise me girl" at 1:08 but when i listen to the stripped vocals its clearly "that"

    georgia lilygeorgia lily2 månader sedan
  • This song is amazing

    Irmaz WorldIrmaz World2 månader sedan
  • Ariana Grande this song is amazing I could listen to this song everyday

    Irmaz WorldIrmaz World2 månader sedan
  • Hi queen

    Νίκος ΚωνσταντάγκαςΝίκος Κωνσταντάγκας2 månader sedan
  • This song is surprisingly really unpopular it should be her #1

    Ava SeguraAva Segura2 månader sedan
  • how it's possible to y'all slept on this one I don't understand humans

    Rafael BravoRafael Bravo2 månader sedan
  • Yess 😩🔥🔥

    ms msms ms2 månader sedan
  • I’m watching her excuse me.. I love you on Netflix right now.

    CLARA ELIACLARA ELIA2 månader sedan
  • I never knew this song was so good until I watched excuse me, i love you.

    Justin ArañaJustin Araña2 månader sedan
  • this Song IS amazing!!!!!❤✨

    nea laaksonea laakso2 månader sedan
  • Unpopular opinion: this is her best song ever

    pazerpazer2 månader sedan
    • Yassss

      Joslin martinJoslin martinMånad sedan
    • PERIOD

      Baby VisionBaby VisionMånad sedan
  • This is the most underrated song of the album yet one of the bests

    luciana burnettluciana burnett2 månader sedan
  • i've made a slowed + reverb version! feel free to check it out :)

    sadspidersadspider2 månader sedan
  • make up walked so positions can run

    Zaynab AthamnehZaynab Athamneh2 månader sedan
  • Pls 10 milion

    Erick BragaErick Braga2 månader sedan
  • thats what i like abt these underrated songs theyre ugly but beautiful. gets?

    Konisu MelonKonisu Melon2 månader sedan
  • 34+35: I am the most dirty song of ariana side to side: no its meee duhh MAKE UP: I DONT THINK SO 😏

    EYYJEYYEYYJEYY2 månader sedan
  • I love this song

    Lucas MamedioLucas Mamedio2 månader sedan
  • sponsored by that fenty beauty kit

    Mona RueMona Rue2 månader sedan