Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman (Audio)

11 mar 2016
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Dangerous Woman (Official Audio)
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Music video by Ariana Grande performing Dangerous Woman. © 2016 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • I love you Ariana! This is without a doubt my favourite song from you! Xxx😘😘😘😍😍😍❤❤❤

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  • 4 years ago when Corona wasn't a thing...

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  • This song isn’t the same to me anymore , knowing that people died a few seconds after it ended ...

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  • Wow

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  • Hearing this, all I can picture is Voldemort singing it. God, once you see it... There's no turning back.

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  • the composer of this song is Dian Rubianti myself.. theme song from Dian Rubianti myself.. "dangerous woman" by Ariana Grande.. never been sold! still mine! orisinil version.. (the way melody singing)representing the feel of the melody and the way it was sung in creating process this song melody by myself as the only one composer of this song melody.. x

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  • This is the best song lol

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  • Ariana’s voice is so POWERFUL!

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  • This is fireeeeeee

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  • i love this so so much, the high notes are so good, like how is she this good, i do not understand. She is cray talented

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  • Best song forever

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  • I’m gonna turn into a dangerous woman if this coronavirus doesn’t end soon

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  • my mom is a dangerous woman when i dont do my chores

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  • i love ariana grande it s my favourite cantor

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  • ppl who are arianas #1 fan and go on to her channel on Yt and play every song bc shes an Icon! 👇🏽

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  • I'm not a huge Ariana Grande fan, but i will say she's got a fantastic voice

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  • I was there when that song came out I’m still her fan 👁👄👁

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  • This was the first song of hers i listened to and I heard this song on The Masked Singer

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  • who else is watching this 2021?

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  • Lol 4 years for this song

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  • How Asian and Hispanic kids see their mom:

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  • My mom is a dangerous woman when I dont eat my vegetables

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  • This song reminds one of scarlet witch

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  • 3:04 to 3:13 If you reverse this clip, you will hear Ariana say: "satan is my huni" استغفر الله العظيم

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  • The amount of likes this has says it all 😩❤️

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  • I still love this after 4 years I'm proud to be an arinator

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  • I miss her singing like this :/ ...

    • @arisponytail Ya I totally get that! I'm happy that she finally found her special someone and is more happier. Her new album is definitely like a sad but happy feeling.

      Alannah RoseAlannah Rose6 dagar sedan
    • @Alannah Rose i guess everyone has different opinions, for me I kind of see it has she happy now making the type of music that she wants to make and that’s all I want for her :)

      arisponytailarisponytail7 dagar sedan
    • I love her and all, it's just her songs are just so bland now. Like the message is nice but ya

      Alannah RoseAlannah Rose7 dagar sedan
    • @arisponytail kinda is a STRETCH

      GREGTHEDJGREGTHEDJ11 dagar sedan
    • @GREGTHEDJ yessss 😫 my hair was kinda close to the touch it vocals but like touch it hits different

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  • This feels weird listening at normal speed instead of slowed

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  • It is clear that Ariana is and will be a legend? And without forgetting an equal goddess :)

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  • Five years later if your watching this your a true fan

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  • I know this is the audio, but dangerous Woman is probably her only music video she's ever made without her dog

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  • The rabbit mask is my favorite costume of hers I swear

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  • dude I play this when I feel like a baddie

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  • 4 year later we hit 100M here omg

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  • I finally found a guy who makes me feel like a dangerous woman.

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