Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman (A Cappella)

20 mar 2016
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Dangerous Woman (A Cappella)
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Music video by Ariana Grande performing Dangerous Woman (A Cappella). © 2016 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • been here again

    Axl RoseAxl Rose51 minut sedan
  • Maravilloso ♥ ️

    ÍcaroÍcaroTimme sedan
  • i get anxiety trying to know where the walls are

    ISMAËL 'ISMAËL 'Timme sedan
  • Love her or hate her, U can't change her.

    Anika abiogAnika abiog4 timmar sedan
  • olhei i gritei PATROOOOAAA

    Victoria NicollyVictoria Nicolly4 timmar sedan
  • Sheesh😳

    Mr. CutchMr. Cutch5 timmar sedan
  • I literally turn up my volume when she started singing like a high note out literally covered the volume cuz I was too lazy to turn it down I'm going to just going to find other music videos too to watch

    Laycab19Laycab195 timmar sedan
  • Wow

    sabmartinez73sabmartinez735 timmar sedan
  • ¡WoW! ¡Pero que voz tan potente!. ♥️😶😲

    Yaji TorresYaji Torres5 timmar sedan
  • 2.39 and on - is it her head or chest voice? Or... Mix?

    eva ȧjbrineva ȧjbrin6 timmar sedan
  • Ariana singing inside the bathroom : Me singing inside the bathroom : *chaos dying pig noise*

    lisa manobangslisa manobangs7 timmar sedan
  • This makes me realise how bad at singing I am 🤣

    Fortnite AddictFortnite Addict7 timmar sedan
  • You sing really badly

    Karamoko AhimidiKaramoko Ahimidi8 timmar sedan
    • lmao

      AceDogAceDog7 timmar sedan
  • WOW :O

    Isabela AyazoIsabela Ayazo8 timmar sedan
  • a ariana é perfeita, quem concorda respira

    ii_aesthetic melii_aesthetic mel8 timmar sedan
  • For those ppl who disliked...admit it u did it cause ur to fawking jelly 🤪

    Av_ PalnaAv_ Palna9 timmar sedan
  • deku?!

    perter1perter112 timmar sedan

    Mary MinMary Min12 timmar sedan
  • This girl is so good she can break a wine glass

    Reganne CooperReganne Cooper12 timmar sedan
  • I wish i can sing like that

    Reganne CooperReganne Cooper12 timmar sedan
  • teamo ariana grande

    Ivanna Ruiz ValenciaIvanna Ruiz Valencia13 timmar sedan
  • Who's here in 2021?

    Tyrique ElandTyrique Eland14 timmar sedan
  • Most singers: auto tune 🎤 Ariana Grande: What's that? Me: She to good 👍😶👏

    Gemma BodisGemma Bodis15 timmar sedan
  • 2021?

    anyxaanyxa16 timmar sedan
  • Dumnezeule ce voce ce intrepertare ce forță ce simți a_l muzicii ce artistă Dumnezeule s-o păzește pe ariana grande 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

    Zavache MariaZavache Maria19 timmar sedan
  • Omg she’s a angle

    Rere’s roblox worldRere’s roblox world19 timmar sedan
  • You have nice bosoms

    NiAiFi BFFNiAiFi BFF20 timmar sedan
  • *me thinking I can hit the note* * me trys it* *VOICE CRACKS* MY VOICE REALLY DID ME LIKE THAT 😭😭😭 timme sedan
  • How to make your high notes sound better Build Your Vocal Strength. In order to hit better high notes, you need to strengthen your voice Open Your Mouth More When You Sing Point Your Chin Down Hold Your Jaw Open Press Your Tongue Down

    Tia GriffinTia Griffin22 timmar sedan

    ༄deja vu༄༄deja vu༄Dag sedan

    11-1 Allice Parra11-1 Allice ParraDag sedan

    11-1 Allice Parra11-1 Allice ParraDag sedan
  • This girl sings so beautifully!!!!

    Harper XxxHarper XxxDag sedan
  • yuh

    ronald sousaronald sousaDag sedan
  • Yea she can sing

    Makayla RodriguezMakayla RodriguezDag sedan
  • :)

    shoyo hinatashoyo hinataDag sedan
  • Absolutely, the best version of this song ❤️. She's right on tune!!

    Krystal RichardsonKrystal RichardsonDag sedan
  • 0:39

    nicol bloxnicol bloxDag sedan
  • I'm testing her voice on this app and her voice is going upppp and downnnn

    Moonii_robloxMoonii_robloxDag sedan
  • Aún en el 2021 nos sigue cautivando con su voz😍😁

    David artDavid artDag sedan
  • Gente pra que autotune? Kkkkk ela é o próprio autotune humano

    Viny LuckyViny LuckyDag sedan
  • She doesn’t need music or autotune she’s already blessing my ears

    Oh Snap!Oh Snap!Dag sedan
  • 0:28 Oh my god

    Julio Cesar TananJulio Cesar TananDag sedan
  • 2021

    Bianca NayraBianca NayraDag sedan
  • Dont mean to be dirty but just imagine her moans. Chile!

    Angela MAngela MDag sedan
  • 2:38 LEGENDARY

    Natsu HinataNatsu HinataDag sedan
    • @Natsu Hinata oh. I'm so sorry, thought you we having and attitude or being sassy or sum. I'm really sorry. Arianators 4ever!!! Love You. And I'm really sorry

      Angela MAngela MDag sedan
    • @Angela M thanks! im trying to but your not helping

      Natsu HinataNatsu HinataDag sedan
    • @Angela M why are you trying to fight with me? im very close to deleting my comment because of you. yk i have a life right? im in school. plus, if you said something not nice, idk what i would do, i dont like fights or drama, leave me alone, thanks

      Natsu HinataNatsu HinataDag sedan
    • @Natsu Hinata what would happen if i wasnt sayin' sum nice. whats good??

      Angela MAngela MDag sedan
    • @Natsu Hinata relax bro. chill

      Angela MAngela MDag sedan
  • Yass

    Cici CossariniCici CossariniDag sedan
  • the part after the fake guitar

    kirbertsmicrophonekirbertsmicrophoneDag sedan
  • She sounds amaaazing here like always she is so talented

    HarlieHarlieDag sedan
  • You can't even tell the camera's moving because of the background!

    Abigail JohnsonAbigail JohnsonDag sedan
  • Not me trying this note when i was 8 and i almost kicked out 💀💀😭😭

    Rosé solo is goneRosé solo is goneDag sedan
  • I love it when she's in the guitar solo 'cause she goes from "telenenelan" to "Something 'bout YOOOUOUUUUUUU" in one second Damn this girl got pipes

    Derick VianaDerick VianaDag sedan

    Namjoons Lost AirpodsNamjoons Lost AirpodsDag sedan
  • people throat might hurt thinking about singing along i am going to 1 up that im going to put harmonica to that for fun MEN OF HONOR PRO INSPIRATIONAL GAMER come check that when its done she is so inspirational in the way she sings isn,t she and she is cute for a little wolf

  • Living Electric guitar.

    Jenerhed LlenareasJenerhed LlenareasDag sedan
  • 쩐다

    앙큼불여우맵짬앙큼불여우맵짬Dag sedan
  • 2:39 Just a timestamp for meshelf

    Scarlett SmithScarlett SmithDag sedan
  • i'll only focus on the bunny ears and her voice

    DarlingDarlingDag sedan
  • Idk how dose she have haters but gotta admit their are just jealous how amazing she is and how dangerous her voice is her voice totally have power man

    caramen puppy lovercaramen puppy loverDag sedan
  • omyg, this blessed my ears

    althea ann zunigaalthea ann zunigaDag sedan
  • People just want to find excuses to tell us that she is not *really* a good singer and that she uses editing to make her voice sound good but for me they just sound jealous of our Ari 🙄💅😏

    tRuStFrAtEd bunnytRuStFrAtEd bunny2 dagar sedan
  • that seems so hard to sing shoot ari is amazing!!!

    cristopher carrillocristopher carrillo2 dagar sedan
  • Why is she such a legendary singer? :')

    cherri buncherri bun2 dagar sedan
  • low key, she’s by best FF unit.

    crossieuxz_mallahcrossieuxz_mallah2 dagar sedan
  • This is ugly

    Emili SokolEmili Sokol2 dagar sedan
    • @AndI0op jajajaj

      Emili SokolEmili SokolDag sedan
    • Omg like your whole family 😍

      AndI0opAndI0opDag sedan
  • 2:39 enjoy :)

    ara orcasara orcas2 dagar sedan
  • 🔥

    Rosa PerezRosa Perez2 dagar sedan
  • I thought I sounded like this in the broom

    Joshua PorchiaJoshua Porchia2 dagar sedan
  • 2:18 best part

    BLINKBLINK2 dagar sedan
  • 2:39 wow

    Davina riddleDavina riddle2 dagar sedan
  • I'd never think that one day i listen a bunny screaming "Something 'boUT YOUUUUUUUUUUAH"

    Hana MidorigawaHana Midorigawa2 dagar sedan
  • Yo viendo el video tranquila: Mi piel: me veo en la obligación de ponerme de gallina

    Sweetjung•Sweetjung•2 dagar sedan
  • Love you

    HoorHoor2 dagar sedan
  • looks like she had a lot of fun doing this.

    Ahanu CaseyAhanu Casey2 dagar sedan
  • It's magic

    Ese SeyyarEse Seyyar2 dagar sedan
  • It’s February 24, 2021. And it’s 4:13pm.

    Gabriel GarciaGabriel Garcia2 dagar sedan
  • When you find this and it 2021

    Alex Cotton CandyAlex Cotton Candy2 dagar sedan
  • incrível!

    Dayane OliveiraDayane Oliveira2 dagar sedan
  • 2:19 the best😭😭😭

    L ML M2 dagar sedan
  • 1:20 life changing

    Hope DamarisHope Damaris2 dagar sedan
  • Oh my good i lo ve her voice

    Pilar doñatePilar doñate2 dagar sedan
  • I love you’re music

    Isabel Christina GuerreroIsabel Christina Guerrero2 dagar sedan
  • I love I want to be like you someday I am Isabel 10 years old

    Isabel Christina GuerreroIsabel Christina Guerrero2 dagar sedan
    • You will be sure

      تينار بوراتينار بورا2 dagar sedan
  • I love your songs

    Kerany WestKerany West2 dagar sedan
  • 🔥

    Jadey HihihiJadey Hihihi2 dagar sedan
  • Kendra MckenzieKendra Mckenzie2 dagar sedan
  • I can't even reach that electric guitar.

    Louise EmborongLouise Emborong2 dagar sedan
  • here in 2021 🤝

    the sofya flowerzzzthe sofya flowerzzz2 dagar sedan
  • Ariana run pop 💥

    Classy QueenClassy Queen2 dagar sedan
  • Ariana I love you idol you are perfect and charming Sarah you have a stunning character and you are beautiful and perfect please see this comment I love you💕💕💕🦋🦋🦋 💕💕💕🦋🦋🦋

    Loren BiniashviliLoren Biniashvili2 dagar sedan
  • I remember recording this and sending it to my crush saying it was me singing to impress him

    I’m actually really sad rn lmaoI’m actually really sad rn lmao2 dagar sedan
    • @Aarini Shah I was like 7 🏃‍♂️

      I’m actually really sad rn lmaoI’m actually really sad rn lmaoDag sedan
    • That’s not cool to take someone else work. Do u know how hard Ari must’ve worked to get this far?!?!

      Aarini ShahAarini ShahDag sedan

      LISAestheticLISAesthetic2 dagar sedan
  • Somethin' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout you Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout

    Justine OdoJustine Odo2 dagar sedan
  • So if u use headphones max volume u get to experience heaven

    imwootimwoot3 dagar sedan
  • Probablemente el Acapella más exitoso de todos los tiempos

    Alejandro CisnerosAlejandro Cisneros3 dagar sedan
  • Y todavía hay gente que sigue diciendo que está sobrevalorada?

    ᴍᴍᴍ ɴᴏ.ᴍᴍᴍ ɴᴏ.3 dagar sedan
  • *Unpopular opinion:* this version is better than the original

    Alexa StylinsonAlexa Stylinson3 dagar sedan
  • believe me , you tried to do this. we all made the same mistake.

    [Little Berry][Little Berry]3 dagar sedan
    • Fr

      LISAestheticLISAesthetic2 dagar sedan
  • I love you

    Scart SbScart Sb3 dagar sedan
  • Ela consegue alcançar um dos sonhos e objetivos da maioria das cantoras pops. Voz naturalmente fina

    Lord MartinLord Martin3 dagar sedan
  • Me adjusting my volume during the video 📉📈📉📈📉📉📈📉📈📉📈

    WolfiiieWolfiiie3 dagar sedan