Ariana Grande - pete davidson (Audio)

17 okt 2018
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Music video by Ariana Grande performing pete davidson (Audio). © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • At the same time that is aged well it also didn’t lol

    beatriz gonçalvesbeatriz gonçalves17 timmar sedan
  • ☆.p.e.t.e.d.a.v.i.d.s.o.n.☆

    HarlieHarlie21 timme sedan
  • Watch her rename this song Dalton Gomez 😭😭😭

    mr daydreamermr daydreamer22 timmar sedan
  • When u wanna look at the comments but u have no time cuz me songs too short and then yo-

    mr daydreamermr daydreamer22 timmar sedan
  • "dalton gomez"

    maria leonardimaria leonardiDag sedan
  • Pete davidson is trash🌚

    Valeria NenkovaValeria NenkovaDag sedan
  • why is it short like their relationship?

    X MessX Mess2 dagar sedan
  • rip pete and ari

    furby3457furby34572 dagar sedan
  • Um OK???

    Jocelyn ElliottJocelyn Elliott2 dagar sedan
  • Yall act like Pete davidson abused her-

    Livebot 123Livebot 1232 dagar sedan
  • Ugh

    achillesachilles3 dagar sedan
  • rip Mac Miller. He died and committed suicide. Ariana grande doesn’t seem to care at all. First Mac then Pete. I feel so sorry for Pete. I hope he’s not suffering on how Mac Miller suffered badly to point he had to kill himself and commit suicide.

    Mark DawnMark Dawn3 dagar sedan
  • o som é lindo,pena que foi feita para um traste igual o pete davidson,que não merece uma lágrima da ari>♡

    sweetenersweetener3 dagar sedan
  • Change it to dalton and if he breaks the heart change it to ariana grande to yourself

    Waqar AwaisiWaqar Awaisi4 dagar sedan
    • @Waqar Awaisi but she has to repost it couse she needs to edit a new video that titles Dalton Gomez

      Lyrics N MoreLyrics N More2 dagar sedan
    • @Lyrics N More yuh

      Waqar AwaisiWaqar Awaisi2 dagar sedan
    • Actually thats kinda true couse she didn't even mention his name shes only saying that shes happy with her relationship so she can change it to dalton

      Lyrics N MoreLyrics N More2 dagar sedan
  • I wish it was longer then it really would've been a hit

    Persia ReedPersia Reed6 dagar sedan
  • One of the few best songs on this album

    anne chrystelle eteme ngonoanne chrystelle eteme ngono6 dagar sedan
  • Golden to my blue

    :Death.NoneExistentChannel:Death.NoneExistentChannel7 dagar sedan

    :Death.NoneExistentChannel:Death.NoneExistentChannel7 dagar sedan
  • she feel me, happy happy :,)

    Lucx GonzalezLucx Gonzalez7 dagar sedan
  • me kinda crying in 2021

    Teaja AdamsTeaja Adams7 dagar sedan
  • If this song could've have been much more longer tho-- *ugghhh*😢

  • welp-

    Didi ADidi A7 dagar sedan
  • I can't stop hearing the Pokemon RB intro at the end, help

    space butterflyspace butterfly8 dagar sedan
  • This song is my guilty pleasure

    Adrienn KovácsAdrienn Kovács8 dagar sedan
  • No one: Me in my room: 0:25

    Iconic PostIconic Post8 dagar sedan
  • fall from the sky into my lap♥♥wow

    Taxira TaxiriusaTaxira Taxiriusa9 dagar sedan

    Alex LopezAlex Lopez9 dagar sedan
  • this is embarrassing

    catacata9 dagar sedan
  • mean!

    Peach WoodPeach Wood10 dagar sedan
  • the fact this song sound so similar to main thing - positions

    Arin VermaArin Verma11 dagar sedan
  • .

  • It’s perfect song and I love you Ariana you idol me💕💕

    Loren BiniashviliLoren Biniashvili12 dagar sedan
  • I love this short song 💜

    alfredo ofcalfredo ofc13 dagar sedan
  • Pobre de nuestra Ari 😅💖 Quedó 🤡

    Ana Karen FloresAna Karen Flores13 dagar sedan
  • alternate title: dalton gomez

    AbbyAbby13 dagar sedan
  • anybody else think the lyrics here are laced with sadness? when she meekly sings 'happy, happy'.. why would anyone who's truly happy bring up crying in the same sentence. idk, maybe this only comes through looking at their relationship posthumously

    Kimi AngKimi Ang13 dagar sedan
    • it's an affirmation

      Ivory ColemanIvory Coleman9 dagar sedan
  • Though it's about her ex, the song is still so pure. It's been a hell for me lately, but the last couple of days I've been singing the "imma be happy" part unconsciously over and over again. It gives me a bit of hope.

    LianaLiana13 dagar sedan
  • the fact this song sound so similar to main thing - positions

    Arin VermaArin Verma14 dagar sedan
    • yes

      Isabel NeiraIsabel Neira11 dagar sedan
  • That song now is called " Dalton Gomez" ❤

    HarlieHarlie14 dagar sedan
  • I dont trust her but ok if you say so hun

    Lydiaa MouraïaLydiaa Mouraïa14 dagar sedan
  • no talent

    monsta munchmonsta munch14 dagar sedan
    • @monsta munch it was a joke too lmaooo

      the real cashcartithe real cashcarti11 dagar sedan
    • the real cashcarti can u even read i’m litterally an ariana grande stan ??? i am not spreading negative u just slow asf

      monsta munchmonsta munch11 dagar sedan
    • @monsta munch you are mean to spread negativity spread positivity im trying to get my guy friends to stop sleeping on women artist they make good music

      the real cashcartithe real cashcarti11 dagar sedan

      monsta munchmonsta munch11 dagar sedan

      monsta munchmonsta munch11 dagar sedan
  • this song ends way too fast.

    maka karaulashvilimaka karaulashvili15 dagar sedan
  • This song was as short as their relationship haha

    •Styles Light••Styles Light•15 dagar sedan
  • Ariana y'all were really cute together 🥺😭

    Shreya PraseedkumarShreya Praseedkumar15 dagar sedan
  • "and I know you know that you're my soulmate and all that" Well that didn't age well

    Zoé DionneZoé Dionne15 dagar sedan
  • This song sucks its a disgrace to pete davidsons name. Didnt think she really made a song called pete davidson had to check it out lol. Dumb

    David HeywoodDavid Heywood16 dagar sedan
  • Look, I don't know if I am the only one who thinks this but I love this song so much.... yeah they are no longer together and all but it's still a beautiful song (the instrumentals, the melody... i'm in love with it). It's really cute.... am I the only one?

    Lena JonesLena Jones16 dagar sedan
  • lol her songs are like 3- 4 min this one is 1 min lollll I don't think this song was the best

    Douglas AldanaDouglas Aldana17 dagar sedan
  • im aris biggest fan but she saying everyone her soulmate lol Xx

    The Iconic CousinsThe Iconic Cousins17 dagar sedan
  • The best song from álbum

    Karina Milagros Sagastegui YepezKarina Milagros Sagastegui Yepez17 dagar sedan
  • Anyone here after someone like u?

    Stanett ShelbyStanett Shelby17 dagar sedan
    • no

      the real cashcartithe real cashcarti11 dagar sedan
  • this song is so damn good

    Sussy VidSussy Vid17 dagar sedan
  • Who here after someone like you

    cbabbycbabby17 dagar sedan
  • Fuck Dalton gomez we need like 6 sequels to this song like it's shotta flow or sum

    Caleb RossCaleb Ross17 dagar sedan
  • i still love this song to this day... reminds me of happy and wonderful times

    kaion aekaion ae18 dagar sedan
  • I don't care who's name is on it, I just wish this was longer.

    DesDes18 dagar sedan
    • same. I love this song. I wish it was longer.

      thinking bout arianathinking bout ariana12 dagar sedan

    gem boigem boi18 dagar sedan
  • yuh which coming in first 0:05 is the cutest yuh i ever heard ♥

    fonnyfonny19 dagar sedan
  • Ahhh yes, a musician's version of tattooing a name on your body.

    Arthur MarquisArthur Marquis19 dagar sedan
  • Im in love w This Song

    Arianator ForeverArianator Forever20 dagar sedan
  • well... this....aged.... badly?

    muskan chughmuskan chugh20 dagar sedan
  • if your gonna make a song about this legend of a man at least make it good

    Jaxen GarciaJaxen Garcia20 dagar sedan
  • Wait but like picture this.... Ariana Davidson... NO 😂 But I like them both

    Bella WildBella Wild20 dagar sedan
  • Love! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Stephanie SassoStephanie Sasso20 dagar sedan
  • I love you Ariana!!! 💙💙💙

    Lidija MedicLidija Medic21 dag sedan
  • Ari baby, this didn’t age well 😀😭

    Adri CamAdri Cam21 dag sedan
  • I love this music♥️♦️♥️

    chambonychambony22 dagar sedan
  • why y'all hatin on this? it's sarcastic, but don't has to be...

    Taša BaukovTaša Baukov22 dagar sedan
  • The public wants " Dalton Gomez " now :)))

    Sweetie ForeverSweetie Forever22 dagar sedan
  • There is just something so pleasant about this song I wish it wasn't so short❤😍

    Creepy ole' guyCreepy ole' guy23 dagar sedan
  • this song should be named dalton miller

    Bts and ariana are World dominationBts and ariana are World domination23 dagar sedan
  • wrote some song bout pete now i listen and laugh

    Bts and ariana are World dominationBts and ariana are World domination23 dagar sedan
  • Guys, thats fake song name, real is SHUT UP PETE DAVIDSON👹👹😫😫✋✋😭😭😌😌😌😌😌🤡🤡💋💋💋💅💅💅💅 No hate to Ari, she is my queen. THATS HATE FOR PETE😭😭😌😌😫😫✋✋💅💅💅💋💋💋🤡🤡🤡👹👹👹👹👉👈💋

    Ariana x loveAriana x love23 dagar sedan
  • this def did not age well

    pia apaciblepia apacible23 dagar sedan
  • LYRICS Mmm, yeah, yuh I thought you into my life, woah Look at my mind, yeah No better place or a time Look how they align Universe must have my back Fell from the sky into my lap And I know you know that you're my soulmate and all that I'm like ooh, ooh My whole life got me ready for you, ooh Got me happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy, yeah I'ma be happy, happy Won't get no crying from me, yeah Gonna be happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy, yeah Gonna be happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy, yeah Gonna be happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy

    Levi StingLevi Sting23 dagar sedan
  • i love you, but shit is catchy

    Sofia LimaSofia Lima23 dagar sedan
  • im an arianator and i honestly DONT know why Yall hate pete so much... Honestly i love this song on the album and its one of my favorites

    AnissaAnissa23 dagar sedan
  • I love this song so much it’s one of the best songs on sweetener

    PantydropperrPantydropperr24 dagar sedan
  • This shit no song. Well SNL comedian is way better than auto tune singer. 😂😂😂

    Teddy PhotosTeddy Photos24 dagar sedan
  • Pete gonna shed tears at kmart😂

    Yo MomBoyfriendYo MomBoyfriend24 dagar sedan
  • I'm confused. Is she going to be happy happy?

    Antonio BablikuAntonio Babliku24 dagar sedan
  • amoo mesmo com nome do ex

    Melissa VitóriaMelissa Vitória25 dagar sedan
  • the time lasted as long as the relationship lmao

    bxby._aribxby._ari25 dagar sedan
  • Not me imagining Dalton listening this

    rehan khanrehan khan25 dagar sedan
  • This is the only place I like pete

    rehan khanrehan khan25 dagar sedan

    Bts and ariana are World dominationBts and ariana are World domination26 dagar sedan
  • never name a song after someones name👍

    Bts and ariana are World dominationBts and ariana are World domination26 dagar sedan
  • People need to stop hating on pete so much.

    Maka!leeMaka!lee26 dagar sedan

    Faith EvansonFaith Evanson27 dagar sedan
  • I fking love Pete. He was good for her then, he was there for her, and because of him we have this masterpiece of a song. People need to stop bashing him for no apparent reason.

    Sandy KaraSandy Kara27 dagar sedan
  • it's the vibe ...

    leoleo27 dagar sedan
  • Well this aged awfully. We need a "Dalton Gomez" now.

    Ruby Lillian PotterRuby Lillian Potter27 dagar sedan
  • Well this is awkward 😶👉🏻👈🏻

    Oliver perlmanOliver perlman28 dagar sedan
  • she should’ve named this song “happy” incase they broke up 😭 now she ain’t gonna ever perform this songgg

    Lisa can step on meLisa can step on me28 dagar sedan
    • or soulmate idk

      barbz 4 berniebarbz 4 bernie18 dagar sedan
    • blink!!!!

      Shaudia AkterShaudia Akter19 dagar sedan
  • Wtf is this crap?!

    B bearB bear28 dagar sedan
  • Okay I love Pete but THIS SHIT HELLA CATCHY

    Nadine WardNadine Ward29 dagar sedan
  • Now we need a song called "dalton gomez". I wait for it

    Lari ZlotaLari Zlota29 dagar sedan
  • Oh my, the song is beautitul but short just as their engagement 😭

    Mayra EMayra EMånad sedan
  • The worst mistake

    Victor BarbosaVictor BarbosaMånad sedan
  • This didn’t age well

    Aiden EscobarAiden EscobarMånad sedan