Ariana Grande - pete davidson (Audio)

17 okt 2018
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Music video by Ariana Grande performing pete davidson (Audio). © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Mmm, yeah, yuh I thought you into my life, woah Look at my mind, yeah No better place or a time Look how they align Universe must have my back Fell from the sky into my lap And I know you know that you're my soulmate and all that I'm like ooh, ooh My whole life got me ready for you, ooh Got me happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy, yeah I'ma be happy, happy Won't get no crying from me, yeah Gonna be happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy, yeah Gonna be happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy, yeah Gonna be happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy I'ma be happy, happy

    Brianna AlfaroBrianna Alfaro3 timmar sedan
  • It's not anymore Pete Davidson. I'm think now this is called Dalton Gomez.

    Richard Max McHalliwchesterRichard Max McHalliwchester5 timmar sedan
  • fell from the sky into my lap - felt that

    Yongama MagulaYongama Magula8 timmar sedan
  • Pete davidson

    Ariana ButeraAriana Butera9 timmar sedan
  • who's here 2020....

    loveisntrealloveisntreal16 timmar sedan
  • Muda o nome da música pra toolouse

    heyheyDag sedan
  • this song a mistake😳😳

    cloudgayscloudgaysDag sedan
  • Anyone here after POSITIONS??❤❤

    Lovcy SamuelLovcy SamuelDag sedan
  • I didn't understand what she just said but it sounds nice

    Kai MakiKai MakiDag sedan
  • I truly love Pete and Ariana and I think they’re both over each other and doing great and people should stop hating on both of them

    Zsch CornfeldZsch CornfeldDag sedan
  • How hes pete?

    giulia de correagiulia de correa2 dagar sedan
  • Ari🥺

    kristian natamakristian natama2 dagar sedan
  • Who come here after realize that ari shade pete on positions lyrics, i mean re-PETE history

    Chamim MuhammadChamim Muhammad2 dagar sedan
  • I love this song, even tho now the person who this song is dedcate too pete:

    Prisha DPrisha D2 dagar sedan
  • Pete davidson > ariana grande

    Salah ShayahSalah Shayah3 dagar sedan
    • pete davidson = ariana grande

      Anthony F.GAnthony F.G2 dagar sedan
  • vish 👁️👄👁️

    Anna Luiza MattosAnna Luiza Mattos3 dagar sedan
  • will she ever perform this song live...

    Taylor HallTaylor Hall3 dagar sedan
  • is this about mac miller?

    Underrated CommenterUnderrated Commenter3 dagar sedan
    • tf i thought it was about Justin Bieber

      -,' p r i c h u u ;;-,' p r i c h u u ;;Dag sedan
    • Bruh it’s about Kendrick Lamar idiot

      Francisco CarbajalFrancisco Carbajal2 dagar sedan
  • Pete the cat from Mickey Mouse has left the server 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Wow wow LuluWow wow Lulu3 dagar sedan
  • i think ariana really loved pete more than anyone else she loved mac too but she saw him more like a bestfreind she said it her self she broke up with pete because she felt guilty that's the truth i believe

    Ad amAd am4 dagar sedan
  • omg she must've wrote this about Big Sean

    Megatron GriffinMegatron Griffin4 dagar sedan
    • no it’s obviously about ricky 🙄

      ZoeyZoey3 dagar sedan
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    Sophia RoseSophia Rose4 dagar sedan
  • ok

    Diego FonsecaDiego Fonseca5 dagar sedan
  • SHIT

    Lucía VidalLucía Vidal5 dagar sedan
  • This shows how much she loved him. Next thing you know you getting notification on your phone saying that he was the worst boyfriend, and that he was ugly, and he was crazy. LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL F***. are y’all kidding me. For some of y’all who didn’t know Pete has a mental disorder so it’s not his fault, but he’s not crazy he’s just hurt by everything that’s happening. They actually really loved each other you could tell bc they got engaged literally four months right after they started dating. Y’all the crazy ones making all these comments on a person y’all don’t even know. She loved him so much, but it just killed her to hear that her ex died from a overdose and people were blaming her. She needed a ton of space even from Pete. He even supported through it. I think that also hurt her even more having to end it with him as well and it hurt him even more to. Bc he was ready to spend the rest of his life with her. They will always care about each other no matter what. Because he was the best thing that ever happened to her, like that was her soon to be husband. Like do y’all even get that. Guess not bc some of y’all are way to messed up in the head to realize.😤😤😤😤

    Charli Marie HiltonCharli Marie Hilton5 dagar sedan
  • I know they broke up and all but 0:33 is still the most beautiful melody I’ve heard in my life

    JFJF5 dagar sedan
  • iTs A sLaP pEtAh

    Iride GalofaroIride Galofaro5 dagar sedan
  • I saw Pete Davidson vent

  • this is one of her best songs idc lmao

    EllaElla6 dagar sedan
  • shortest song she's ever made😂💀

    bryanna diazbryanna diaz6 dagar sedan
    • @Aaliyah Garner always thought that was an intro to a song haha thank you now i know

      bryanna diazbryanna diaz5 dagar sedan
    • Actually no, raindrops is like 39 seconds lol

      Aaliyah GarnerAaliyah Garner5 dagar sedan
  • What a dumb bitch

    James HernandezJames Hernandez7 dagar sedan
    • Look at ya mom first

      Cesare MontoroCesare Montoro4 dagar sedan
    • and ur a dumb bitch fan. next.

      zizi4 dagar sedan
    • you’re here so you’re obviously a fan

      ッaッa5 dagar sedan
    • I'll go ahead and pull uno reverse for Ari If you didn't understand that then you rlly are dumb

      Aaliyah GarnerAaliyah Garner5 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely LOVE this song, if only it wasn’t about “him”

    bloxyylifebloxyylife8 dagar sedan
  • Is very short but is very beautiful

    fan de melanie martinezfan de melanie martinez8 dagar sedan
  • Idk after a lot of thinking i think this song is about Pete Davidson

    Meeth VlogsMeeth Vlogs8 dagar sedan
  • That This Song is so beautifull.

    Sergio AbadiaSergio Abadia8 dagar sedan
  • singkat, padat, jelas, ngena.

    Michael JonasMichael Jonas8 dagar sedan
  • She must be so embarrassed and cringed bu this song

    Gamer Of HyruleGamer Of Hyrule8 dagar sedan
  • jablinski

    ray deeray dee9 dagar sedan
  • this is about pete and ari befor they brack up sorry if my writtings bad😔😔😔

    Bob BobBob Bob9 dagar sedan
  • this song is so underrated, it doesn't matter what the title is or how short / long it is - it's a cute bop!

    a n n aa n n a9 dagar sedan
  • Miraculously don't take it off the album 😂❣️❣️ariana grande love u so much..

    the kingthe king9 dagar sedan
  • that song was short

    vxnxvcvvxnxvcv10 dagar sedan
    • Have you seen raindrops 😂

      Aaliyah GarnerAaliyah Garner5 dagar sedan
  • Never date a singer.

    OverlordGamingOGOverlordGamingOG10 dagar sedan
  • Ariana u need to delete the song for this clown

    but3ra. .arianaabut3ra. .arianaa10 dagar sedan
  • The song isn’t about a random dude that living in his mom’s basement?

    מאיה חזן-דהאןמאיה חזן-דהאן10 dagar sedan
  • I still love Pete🧡

    chaaahd Dchaaahd D12 dagar sedan
  • i think this is about pete davidson but i’m not completely sure...

    marmar12 dagar sedan
  • I love Ariana

    Friday JankowiczFriday Jankowicz13 dagar sedan
  • ❤❤❤❤❤ she's an angel

    AnastasijaAnastasija13 dagar sedan
  • I can't stop listening to this

    Sulis BairdSulis Baird13 dagar sedan
  • Such a cute song😊

    IvaIva14 dagar sedan
  • 💕🌹🎵

    Jheens J. Ramirez ParraJheens J. Ramirez Parra14 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else wonder if this song was even still here

    Katherine HernandezKatherine Hernandez14 dagar sedan
  • short like the relationship

    DoocToRaAryDoocToRaAry15 dagar sedan
    • Ahaha this joke is worn out Thank u, next 🙄🙄

      Aaliyah GarnerAaliyah Garner5 dagar sedan
  • no hahahaha

    Vittoria CostanzoVittoria Costanzo15 dagar sedan
  • I can't with this rn. 😂

    ilovemelodyjaneilovemelodyjane16 dagar sedan
  • So sad the ly broke she even made a song for fact r.e.m is mac Miller's favorite song makes me cry😭😭

    Anthonette CasugaAnthonette Casuga17 dagar sedan
    • r.e.m is my exact initials and it freaks me out lmao

      mrs malfoymrs malfoy12 dagar sedan
  • literately never heard of this till today while watching going on a yt snl binge

    ShantéSAIDathingShantéSAIDathing20 dagar sedan
    • Yeah, I was binging all the chad snl compilations and got sucked into interviews and just found out they were engaged?

      sophiana. xonsophiana. xon15 dagar sedan
  • Yuh

    Theus ZzzTheus Zzz20 dagar sedan
  • didnt age well

    bube udehbube udeh20 dagar sedan
  • dalton gomez

    isaiah curryisaiah curry23 dagar sedan
  • Pete davidson duh that's why it's called that

    Josephine HabibJosephine Habib23 dagar sedan
  • The Legend replied - " okay "

    Devasankar MadhabDevasankar Madhab24 dagar sedan
  • This song is short like their relationship.

    shaeyshaey NOTREALshaeyshaey NOTREAL25 dagar sedan
  • Omy, this is sooooo awkward💀😭💀💀💀

    Sus EllarSus Ellar25 dagar sedan
  • this reminds me off my ex lmao..

    M.MM.M26 dagar sedan
  • 🥴

    Danielle GiacominiDanielle Giacomini26 dagar sedan
  • It's nice but I wish she could just tell us who it's about tho

    Lia LalkakaLia Lalkaka26 dagar sedan
  • “did I mention the fridge thing?”

    holly stylesholly styles26 dagar sedan
  • Ariana grande (Mac miller)audio jaja😂

    Yahya MechmecheYahya Mechmeche27 dagar sedan
  • Wait- did you realize shes say "I'm gonna be happy, no crying from me" but then mac died and she was depressed:( that's the saddest thing ever :(

    SunsetKitty154SunsetKitty15427 dagar sedan
  • Voz maravilhosa

    Laura OliveiraLaura Oliveira27 dagar sedan
  • this song should be called toulouse

    Mxya GrandeMxya Grande28 dagar sedan
  • hino.🎐

    m o o dm o o d29 dagar sedan
  • this song is so sad to listen to now, especially at the end when she repeats 'imma be a happy', it almost sounds like she's convincing herself that it's true

    moonlightmoonlightMånad sedan
    • i don’t think that was the intention, she did really love him. but ig we’ll never know

      mrs malfoymrs malfoy12 dagar sedan
  • more than pete this song is more relaxful song... The only sad is , it ends fast..

    Yogini SelvarajYogini SelvarajMånad sedan
  • I feel like this song would be more famous if it was longer

    a n n aa n n aMånad sedan
  • This popped up when I was looking for Dave's standup vids

    Jackob AbiyJackob AbiyMånad sedan
  • I needd more timeeee

    ketty romeroketty romeroMånad sedan
  • it took 4 people to write this.

    Dillan PierceDillan PierceMånad sedan
  • am i the only one more of a pete fan than ariana grande

    Maxx LockeMaxx LockeMånad sedan
  • Putting the Title as his name was like getting it Tattooed. Just like Jennifer Lopez - Ben

    Quinn CamarenaQuinn CamarenaMånad sedan
  • This song aged like cows milk

    Stephanie WalkerStephanie WalkerMånad sedan
  • I came here from Melanie Martinez dancing and that’s how I found Ariana grande :)

    sxnflower gacha !sxnflower gacha !Månad sedan
  • Whatever.

    Karl StrandKarl StrandMånad sedan
  • This song is pathetic. Rip Mac

    • She made this when they were together and Mac was still here with us-

      Jazzy heheJazzy hehe21 dag sedan
    • Te me cuidas crack.

      sᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ 1980sᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ 198025 dagar sedan
  • came here from a compilation of songs name after celebrities 😂

    Erica IcaroErica IcaroMånad sedan
  • This song is about someone but who I really wonder 🤔

    Loann 2Loann 2Månad sedan
  • Me listening to Ariana Grande 💃

    Zara GrandeZara GrandeMånad sedan
  • Her pete davidson disstrack is better if im being hate on this tho.....

    GabannaGabannaMånad sedan
  • 0:04 F#6 hidden

    Toulouse BoyToulouse BoyMånad sedan
  • When arianortos say they listen to all of her songs 😒

    kirby yakoramenkirby yakoramenMånad sedan
  • When arianortos say they listen to all of her songs 😒

    kirby yakoramenkirby yakoramenMånad sedan
  • So freaking ironic I can literally not help laughing 🤣🤣🤣

    Jocelyn EcharteaJocelyn EcharteaMånad sedan
  • can people literally stop complaining about how she shoulda named this song other way and just listen to it since it is a really cute song?

    Samu ArianatorSamu ArianatorMånad sedan
  • Now we want a Demi Lovato one for Max Ehrich.

    Disney65FanDisney65FanMånad sedan
  • I cried the all time thank u ari

    Nazma MohamedNazma MohamedMånad sedan
  • I’m embarrassed for her

    Minty RemixMinty RemixMånad sedan
  • Well this is wierd

    BoraBoraMånad sedan
  • She says I'mma be happy again and again in order to convince herself that she should stay with Pete ohhhhhhh

    Mustabshirah HanifMustabshirah HanifMånad sedan