Ariana Grande - Live at The 62nd GRAMMYs ® (2020)

30 jan 2020
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Ariana Grande performs live on the The 62nd GRAMMYs ® (January 26, 2020)
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  • i love how at the end lizzo is looking like a proud mother

    Sarah LouisSarah Louis16 timmar sedan
  • Then:"Wearing no ring not fina be no mrs." Now : OOP try again 🤣🤦🤭

    Alesha JacksonAlesha Jackson20 timmar sedan
  • Imagine a world like that she sings so perfect ♥️

    Richard CyrRichard Cyr20 timmar sedan
  • I am soooooo proud and honored to have been a part of this experience with the lovely, glamorous and angelic voice of Ariana Grande. I truly can't wait until we get to be playing your original music or arrangement together in whatever capacity you dream up. We are here for you and love you Ariana!

    Tawnee Lynn Music ServicesTawnee Lynn Music Services23 timmar sedan
  • I love you

    sayna riahisayna riahiDag sedan
  • Loves ARIANDE... LOVES 7 Rings Loves the Performance... Is Straight... Realizes, he watched the dude dancer during most of the Video IS okay with it... Watches again

    Many VicedGodMany VicedGodDag sedan
  • Victoria Secret fashion show looks different this year

    Nicholas YoungNicholas YoungDag sedan
  • I feel like shes over using that big ol ball in the backdrop

    Noah Jackson 20Noah Jackson 20Dag sedan
  • Ariana going into a split. I can’t even do a cartwheel

    Kloe MartinaKloe MartinaDag sedan
  • I like how she sang My Favorite Things and then transitioned to 7 Rings!

    RyanRyan2 dagar sedan
  • Why am I just rewatching the thank u next part -im still in tears after 10 times of watching

    toni_draws thingstoni_draws things2 dagar sedan
  • When she was singing Thank u next she was breathless 🥺🥺❤️

    Karmen CisnerosKarmen Cisneros2 dagar sedan
  • God loves you

    Kenzie FletcherKenzie Fletcher3 dagar sedan
  • She better get something at scammy's 2021 🙄

    Sweet Like MoonlightSweet Like Moonlight4 dagar sedan
  • missed the bleeps on thankyou next lol

    Joe KJoe K4 dagar sedan
  • The only problem I have with this performance is that the audience is dead asf like damn MAKE SOME NOISE FOR ARIANA GRANDE FOR GOD SAKE

    Erin •Erin •5 dagar sedan
  • I can’t believe I still watch this on 2021 btw Grammy is soooooo trash but look at ari she is killing it🤍☁️🪐

    Jobert king EncisaJobert king Encisa5 dagar sedan
  • I still can’t see her as cat from victorious and Sam and cat SHE IS SO DIFFERENT in a good way

    Kaedyn HuizarKaedyn Huizar5 dagar sedan
  • you know what? maybe I ain't straight.

    big boobbig boob6 dagar sedan
  • Y’all I was confused why everyone called it the scammys but since she got no Grammy I see why

    Baked Alaska • EditsBaked Alaska • Edits6 dagar sedan

    Bettina McClendonBettina McClendon6 dagar sedan
  • I pray to God that she doesn't drink alcohol.

    luke ketchumluke ketchum6 dagar sedan
  • She needs a Grammy ASAP

    CocoleeCocolee6 dagar sedan

    _grandeditz __grandeditz _8 dagar sedan
  • Maravilhosa 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Gospel Music Brasil AKGospel Music Brasil AK8 dagar sedan
  • How didn’t she win a Grammy? She was literally all over the radio

    Pearly PastaPearly Pasta8 dagar sedan
  • If she doesn’t win at least 1 Grammy for Positions in March-

    Gabriel LopezGabriel Lopez8 dagar sedan
  • I swear her and Demi both have good vocals.

    Jared RedmondJared Redmond9 dagar sedan
  • Mac would be proud

    Alec HorAlec Hor9 dagar sedan
  • did she stuttterrrrrr?

    Marisa JaydennMarisa Jaydenn10 dagar sedan
  • 1:14

    agnuh ;agnuh ;11 dagar sedan
  • 4:25 the girl at the bottom corner created that tiktok move before tiktok did

    Hi imboredHi imbored11 dagar sedan
  • and then she got engaged the same yr too lol life works funny

    Rosié GarcíaRosié García11 dagar sedan
  • We witnessed healing that night 🤍

    Alia RihanAlia Rihan12 dagar sedan
  • When she says "Happiness is the same price as red bottoms" I thought she said, "Having a sister is same price as bottoms"

    • Michael •• Michael •12 dagar sedan
  • I was a huge mess during all of this. I was SOBBING during Imagine. And when 7 rings came on I started screaming and dancing and crying because I was so happy.

    moonlight grandemoonlight grande13 dagar sedan
  • The grammys was a SCAM. Ari is the most talented artist to ever exist ( in my opinion ) She deserves a grammy and SO much more. The grammys are a joke. I cant believe it. Next time shell get and us arianators will make sure 🥺☁️🖤

    moonlight grandemoonlight grande13 dagar sedan
  • Mac would be SO incredibly proud of Ari 🥺. When she sang imagine my heart broke she wasnt trying to get emotional but it was really hard for her.

    moonlight grandemoonlight grande13 dagar sedan
  • the end made me cry bc she’s taking off her ring which signifies the ending of the era :(

    Adeline EAdeline E13 dagar sedan
  • and she didnt win shit she got scammed legit best performance ever done.

    ElleElle13 dagar sedan
  • For everyone pissed of about the grammies, First of all im not trying to hate on ari but billie deserved all she got beacuse she is the first singer born in the milleniums and she is the first female to sweep all catagories she literally made history, She is also way younger then ari so she hasnt even reached her full potential yet, i can only imagine her being legend when she reaches ari's age.

    ieatcookiesieatcookies13 dagar sedan
    • Yes and I feel like people forget that they’re really good friends too. I’m an ari fan I respect Billie for achieving those milestones. What makes me respect her more is that she gave a Ariana little credit too.

      thee ag stanthee ag stan9 dagar sedan
  • Simply a 👑 QUEEN 👑

    Ariana Grande loverAriana Grande lover14 dagar sedan
  • Destinyduron eu idle 😌💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺😭🥺

    Destiny DuronDestiny Duron14 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know anything about the dancers in this performance?

    Rachel BekowichRachel Bekowich15 dagar sedan
  • lmfao and the 8 year olds wanna compare this goddess to a girl who does tiktok dances. Im out.

    oo0o0o0oolivi-uhoo0o0o0oolivi-uh15 dagar sedan
  • the laugh going into 7 rings is so iconic

    Nasty Records .Nasty Records .15 dagar sedan
  • why did they have her preform if she wasnt gonna win anything?!?

    leah hymanleah hyman16 dagar sedan
  • Girl how do you do that ❤️❤️❤️

    rebecca Saizrebecca Saiz16 dagar sedan
  • ariana is perfect in every way. i’m still not over the fact that she won nothing

    kailey kkailey k16 dagar sedan
  • This was before I cared for music, but I watched this live, such a good performance

    DuckyDucky16 dagar sedan
  • This is such a serve

    Michelle LawlessMichelle Lawless16 dagar sedan
  • can i just say how cute it is when ariana runs

    Ariana AvenueAriana Avenue16 dagar sedan
  • omg i feel so bad while watching this

    Ariana AvenueAriana Avenue16 dagar sedan
  • Why did this make me cry 😭😭

    Victor RVictor R17 dagar sedan
  • the definition of charity work visualized: 😹 scammys

    Angelice Jean-RemyAngelice Jean-Remy17 dagar sedan

    Dashie XpDashie Xp17 dagar sedan
  • I wonder why she changed the lyrics about her dad

    Jess JayJess Jay17 dagar sedan
  • I watch this so many times but i always cry when she sings thank u, next.

    magic aprilmagic april18 dagar sedan
  • My mom said " If the back-up dancers have enough time to make the bed during a performance, you can wake up and do that too " LOL

    Yonie's FanFicsYonie's FanFics18 dagar sedan
  • 4:40 that sounded like a whole different voice LMAO

    Alyssa DarbyAlyssa Darby18 dagar sedan
  • 0:53 the angle makes her look like bebe rexha

    Alyssa DarbyAlyssa Darby18 dagar sedan
  • She was so out of breath from the dancing

    PoshaiodurreixPoshaiodurreix19 dagar sedan

    emmyemmy19 dagar sedan

    Gabby MussoGabby Musso20 dagar sedan
    • they don’t do that stuff at award shows they wait until the end

      Mallory HuppeMallory HuppeDag sedan
  • 0:48 how doja cat is on the inside imagining a world where she didnt have to perform "say so" every performance

    AmazinriahAmazinriah20 dagar sedan

    JHG ContentJHG Content21 dag sedan
  • i fucking hate the fact that this song(7 rings) litteraly provides info for my childhood and had'nt won the Grammy's. at least it won my heart 😔

    rehamtube Hdrehamtube Hd21 dag sedan
  • I love how she has female male and non bionary back up dancers she is such a wonderful human we don't deserve her

    Elian RiveraElian Rivera21 dag sedan

    Elian RiveraElian Rivera21 dag sedan
  • She's SOO Talented But I Feel Like Everytime She Sings "Thank U Next" She Always Gets Emotional And There Is Nothing Wrong With That But I Always Feel So Bad💖

    SammyThe StrawberryOfficialSammyThe StrawberryOfficial22 dagar sedan
  • What is this? An act of normalizing strip joints and bringing them into people's drawing-room!

    Tom ThudiyanplackalTom Thudiyanplackal22 dagar sedan
  • Ariana (my love🥰😜😍) gets all the respect for being one of the only artist can sing that well live while doing all that dancing

    La BroLa Bro22 dagar sedan
  • If Queen Ari doesn’t win a Grammy this I’m suing

    La BroLa Bro22 dagar sedan
  • I'm about to single-handedly give this performance an additional 1 mil views 🤭

    Evelyn LopezEvelyn Lopez22 dagar sedan
  • In my books Ariana Grande won the Grammys

    Zachary VahleZachary Vahle22 dagar sedan
  • I’m Cardi @6:20 when The annoying girls go up for their presentations

    John LarckJohn Larck22 dagar sedan
  • If you love ariana grande leave a like!

    C CopenhaverC Copenhaver22 dagar sedan
  • Icon

    Laurence ?Laurence ?22 dagar sedan
  • who here perfers the sweetener world tour version of 7 rings better than this one

    SaVannah ThamesSaVannah Thames23 dagar sedan
    • The choreography is better on the Grammys one and the way she sings the notes to. But I like the sweetener world tour too

      Brady’s BussyBrady’s Bussy23 dagar sedan
    • Yes and No

      Brady’s BussyBrady’s Bussy23 dagar sedan
  • You know Frankie grande out there watching like: “yaas bitch”

    Angelica TurgeonAngelica Turgeon23 dagar sedan
  • Maravilloso!

    Elena D.Elena D.23 dagar sedan
  • im surprised you can't hear me screaming/crying in this video

    Tallulah roseTallulah rose23 dagar sedan
  • she 100% deserved a grammy it was absolute robbery

    Sadie ArnesonSadie Arneson24 dagar sedan
  • Ariana's enemies just want her to experience pain, including the terrorists who bombed her concert in Manchester and killed 22 fans. But Ariana is still going strong and she needs to be happy. I love you Ariana, and keep staying powerful. Love, your big fan, Deena Dallas.

    Deena DallasDeena Dallas24 dagar sedan
  • U can tell that she was running out of a lot of breath. The song is already hard to sing with high notes but the dancing in heels is harder too. I feel so bad.

    DeLi De La Cruz-BurgosDeLi De La Cruz-Burgos24 dagar sedan
  • GURL A MOOD, she dont care if her bra straps are showing

    goal popgoal pop24 dagar sedan
  • Baby Ariana gave me life with her Lil dance. I was like yessssssss Ari. F them up girl.

    Blaag smithBlaag smith24 dagar sedan
  • the way she takes off her 7 rings ring to end the thank u next era gets me every time🥺

    wicked2005mpswicked2005mps24 dagar sedan
  • ugh the scammys didnt deserve her

    Cobra Kai never diesCobra Kai never dies24 dagar sedan

    kayla janekayla jane25 dagar sedan
  • mcdonalds

    A Random Youtube viewerA Random Youtube viewer25 dagar sedan

    Stan LisaStan Lisa25 dagar sedan

    AndresAndres25 dagar sedan
  • i love Ariana's maukup!

    Rafa QuinteroRafa Quintero25 dagar sedan
  • uh she deserved at least ONE award, like wow scammys..

    SriLaasya KopparapuSriLaasya Kopparapu25 dagar sedan
  • The fact how she still does concerts is scary for her. But I’m proud she’s brave enough to do it

    Ponky PIEPonky PIE25 dagar sedan
  • Her and Mac were soulmates I don’t care what y’all say 😚

    Jessica HusseyJessica Hussey25 dagar sedan
  • She’s so powerful.

    cotton candy skycotton candy sky25 dagar sedan
  • flopped hard

    JordanJordan26 dagar sedan
    • @JJ Mata flop

      JordanJordan23 dagar sedan
    • ur extremely obsessed

      JJ MataJJ Mata24 dagar sedan
  • she did she won like 2 but she wasnt there for the awards only lady gaga so lady gaga got the award but ariana grande is the best singer

    Kaitlynn StrattonKaitlynn Stratton26 dagar sedan