Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Live on Ellen / 2018)

12 nov 2018
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Thank u, next (Live On Ellen / 2018)

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Aired November 7th, 2018

Music video by Ariana Grande performing thank u, next. © 2018 Republic Records

  • *falls* “Oh my God” LMAO-💀

    [ It’s Mia!! ][ It’s Mia!! ]3 timmar sedan
  • Larissa Manoela thank u next

    Ana Vitória Soares de OliveiraAna Vitória Soares de Oliveira6 timmar sedan
    • Hoje é aniversário da mãe

      Ana Vitória Soares de OliveiraAna Vitória Soares de Oliveira6 timmar sedan
  • the only thing i dont like about the song is ariana cries everytime she sings it 😭

    savii_gamingsavii_gaming8 timmar sedan
  • I still can't believe thank u next turned 2 years

    swarnava senguptaswarnava sengupta13 timmar sedan
  • She's so beautiful ❤️

    B. StarrB. Starr17 timmar sedan
  • Maybe in the past..

    popipopiDag sedan
  • Kupikir kau arianne Kupikir pun begitu Thx u next

    popipopiDag sedan
  • she was so emotional about this. how precious.

    Stephen LothaStephen LothaDag sedan
  • Think that she has fitted a whole autotune inside her throat....

    Kiran BaghelKiran BaghelDag sedan
  • Ariana broke of an engament

    ronja ögårdronja ögårdDag sedan
  • Omg ariana I love you e música :D

    Isis Perez De LeonIsis Perez De LeonDag sedan
  • im greatful that ariana didnt swear in this version

    Annys BradyAnnys BradyDag sedan
  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Cat ValentineCat ValentineDag sedan
  • I feel bad for her also she's amazing more than Katy Perry

    Isabelle MunozIsabelle MunozDag sedan
  • Love ♥️

    Maria Clara MatosMaria Clara Matos2 dagar sedan
  • Es a melhor cantora do mundo😘😍😍😍 de fantastica

    Maria Clara MatosMaria Clara Matos2 dagar sedan
  • In this vid she is not swearing 😃❤

    Kearatwa MakgaleKearatwa Makgale2 dagar sedan
  • She fail💕🥺

    シNATALIAシシNATALIAシ2 dagar sedan
    • @Jimena Villalobos ikr im her fan since Cat version 🥺

      シNATALIAシシNATALIAシDag sedan
    • She never fails

      Jimena VillalobosJimena VillalobosDag sedan
  • The chair..... 😂

    Lena QandahLena Qandah2 dagar sedan
  • the fact that i came here again , just to learn the choreo i mean like whattt

    luvelyluvely2 dagar sedan
  • who is here march 2021??

    kendall kkendall k2 dagar sedan
  • this is so much better than the audio. thank you for your music ari you are blessing us

    kendall kkendall k2 dagar sedan
  • Arianas voice is clear as crystal

    tashkentytashkenty2 dagar sedan
  • Same time tomorrow Arianators? Also **shameless plug 🙈** check out the channel "Coconut Critics". It's run by four amazing women (if I do say so myself) and we do reviews on popular movies, tv-series, and reality shows. I think yall would like it 😊

    Abigail CameronAbigail Cameron2 dagar sedan
  • can anyone belive this was 2 years ago

    Emma EmmaEmma Emma2 dagar sedan

    SophiaAcnh_lifeSophiaAcnh_life2 dagar sedan
  • Oh my god!

    SophiaAcnh_lifeSophiaAcnh_life2 dagar sedan
  • lol i loved it

    TheThreeBffs BuildsTheThreeBffs Builds2 dagar sedan
  • She is supposed to talk to Ellen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ash QueenAsh Queen2 dagar sedan
  • I just need to say 1 thing, ARI IS THE CUTEST THING EVER, I LOVE HER SO MUCH 💕

    Talia MoonvibesTalia Moonvibes3 dagar sedan
  • 🧁𝙿𝚛𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚢🧁

    strawberry.babiesstrawberry.babies3 dagar sedan
  • I love you and my sister so much my sister once to see you but we can't because we live in England

    Yasmine RoseYasmine Rose3 dagar sedan
  • I am pretty sure everyone keeps watching this and goes to the clip where she slips lol

    Jasleen KaurJasleen Kaur3 dagar sedan
  • só se arrasta no chão tão batendo na porta-EU SÓ SOU IMPROVISEEE,não arrisque em tentar..e minha musica- ta serio?e com isso eu não sou bem então eu varri o chão-uma aranha,coisas de love-

    A GamerA Gamer3 dagar sedan
  • 💖🧁🧋

    strawberry.babiesstrawberry.babies3 dagar sedan
  • And now she's about to get married 💍✨

    Randy Valdevia PalomoRandy Valdevia Palomo3 dagar sedan
  • Aun veo esto ❤😂

    Wilson AGWilson AG3 dagar sedan
  • very nice

    Baysaa MLBaysaa ML3 dagar sedan
  • 💜

    miriã borgesmiriã borges3 dagar sedan
  • E aquele deslize kkkkk

    Mika GonçalvesMika Gonçalves3 dagar sedan
  • 1:19 where’s my like

  • i know they say i move on to fast OMG but this one gon la-a-a-a-st

    Chelphi TrentChelphi Trent4 dagar sedan
  • I hope she never deletes this

    Ariana GrandeAriana Grande4 dagar sedan
  • This performance is everything

    Ariana GrandeAriana Grande4 dagar sedan
  • She is creative writing a song about ex

    Geeta LeiphrakpamGeeta Leiphrakpam4 dagar sedan
  • I love Ariana grande she's so cute ❤️❤️❤️

    Aashna ArjunAashna Arjun4 dagar sedan
  • 1:19 oh my god

  • omg ariana you ok ?

    Sean TeodosioSean Teodosio4 dagar sedan
  • When Ari falls off her chair and giggles is me when I fail a math test

    Shooting StarzShooting Starz4 dagar sedan
  • she sang so good i thought she was lip sinking. Then the chair- the chair should go to jail lol

    Sabrina GottsSabrina Gotts5 dagar sedan
  • All the young people do not get the tlc tribute here. Miss you lisa!

    G 88G 885 dagar sedan
  • 😍

    Andreea MoraruAndreea Moraru5 dagar sedan
  • i hear her crying but shes laughing wtf

    Quzag QuzagQuzag Quzag5 dagar sedan
  • i hope the best for her i love u ariana and i will always stand by for u love u

    Quzag QuzagQuzag Quzag5 dagar sedan

    Lina EZGİNLina EZGİN5 dagar sedan
  • Ariana did not say the word F***

    Soham rockSoham rock5 dagar sedan
  • I like how she was getting emotional and her friend cheered her up

    angelslyfeeangelslyfee5 dagar sedan
  • She just proved that she doesn't lip-sync at all on stage

    Sophie TONGSophie TONG5 dagar sedan
  • So sweet

    vadimekvadimek5 dagar sedan
  • Queen🥰😍

    Cloudy._. rblxCloudy._. rblx5 dagar sedan
  • I love your songs Ari😁

    dollygirl hdollygirl h6 dagar sedan
  • pero como lo canto en 2018 si thank you next salio en 2019??

    María Luz ALISSMaría Luz ALISS6 dagar sedan
  • 💜💜💜

    Rocky MasaoayRocky Masaoay6 dagar sedan
  • I love ari sooooo much😍😍

    Megan JurgensMegan Jurgens6 dagar sedan
  • That chair is gonna be in the trashcan in a few mins.

    Jhoanna ManuelJhoanna Manuel6 dagar sedan
  • I remember thank you brent

    Aarti JainAarti Jain6 dagar sedan
  • Aqui quem fala e o Brasil e amamos essa música. 😍

    Andreia SilvaAndreia Silva6 dagar sedan
  • B4rbi3l4T😏KIKILoose🚶‍♀️Na😏😁iLiLigt4S🏃‍♀️4Nģ💙s4mb4y4n4n😩Ng😅 s4m4-s4m4😳M4Y🙀🤷‍♀️bil4t k4m4n O w4l4😳🤷‍♂️T4ngg4p k4 sa🤭🥳B4rbi3l4t

    Gian V.Gian V.6 dagar sedan
  • .

    AliceAlice6 dagar sedan
  • I do🙏 understand

    popipopi6 dagar sedan

    Leonel Ayma vargasLeonel Ayma vargas6 dagar sedan
  • Victoria monettttt

    D AD A6 dagar sedan
  • All-Pro when she stumbles but continues to be human; ON With The Show. I really like the look of her backup on the left. Stunning!

    Keith ShowellKeith Showell7 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    Mari Sanchez AlvarezMari Sanchez Alvarez7 dagar sedan
  • ariana shows how professional she is🔥🔥🔥

    Erik Descia KrismaErik Descia Krisma7 dagar sedan
  • Chair and she Are not Friends Any more.😂😂😂

    Sweet like ArianaSweet like Ariana7 dagar sedan
  • Good job ariana sorry for the chair

    Aaron MasemburaAaron Masembura7 dagar sedan
    • bruh😂😂😂

      UnorthadoxUnorthadox7 dagar sedan
  • Who’s watching & reading this comment on 03/01/2021🥺

    Kevin AscencioKevin Ascencio7 dagar sedan
    • 03/03/21

      kristina salvatorekristina salvatore4 dagar sedan
  • 3

    Beef SteakBeef Steak7 dagar sedan
  • She should look in to acting more she is a really good singer and I think it would be great for her career

    Giuliana’s LifeGiuliana’s Life7 dagar sedan
    • shes been in multiple movies and series like scream queens, hairspray, sam and cat, victorious and more

      L0nd0nL0nd0n5 dagar sedan
  • BRUH

    Hector LizbethHector Lizbeth7 dagar sedan
  • I love you for ever

    ariana grandeariana grande7 dagar sedan
  • *thank u next has left the chat* *positions has entered the chat*

    Arianator-Fashion- ASMRArianator-Fashion- ASMR8 dagar sedan
  • She probably is scared and is forcing herself to smile so no one gets suspicious that she is actually sad

    Aryan GurungAryan Gurung8 dagar sedan
    • yeah, mac died, she broke up with pete, of course she was sad. how could anyone be happy while going through something like that

      N KchN Kch2 dagar sedan
    • @Toilet Paper thats horrible!! Love u Ariana ❤️ so strong

      Sonakshi BagSonakshi Bag4 dagar sedan
    • @Sonakshi Bag Well there was a bombing at her concert that killed 22 of her fans and injured many of them, mac miller her ex bf died not long after and gained ptsd from those things. Her engagement ended literally days after that. And MUCH more. She’s been through a lot i have no clue how she managed to keep going.

      Toilet PaperToilet Paper5 dagar sedan
    • @Toilet Paper y? Please explain

      Sonakshi BagSonakshi Bag5 dagar sedan
    • @chei la well she’s been through a lot

      Toilet PaperToilet Paper6 dagar sedan
  • 0:07 it triggers me how it shows the sweetener album and thank you next backround

    beautiful buterabeautiful butera8 dagar sedan

      hu huhu hu7 dagar sedan
  • isn't she lip syncing here

    Lakshiba DewanLakshiba Dewan8 dagar sedan
    • No

      Shruti NairShruti Nair7 dagar sedan
  • when she said "ᴼʰ ᵐʸ ᵍᵒᵈ"

    yellingyelling8 dagar sedan
  • Now that white chair is famous 🤔😅

    gamergirlklos2010 YTgamergirlklos2010 YT8 dagar sedan
  • I was so drunk of this song in 4th gradr

    BABABOEEY’S Gaming StationBABABOEEY’S Gaming Station8 dagar sedan
    • Grade*

      BABABOEEY’S Gaming StationBABABOEEY’S Gaming Station8 dagar sedan
  • It’s all the chairs fault!😑

    Luna LopezLuna Lopez8 dagar sedan
  • Alot of people saying the set is wedding inspired but I think the set is inspired by the ending of the movie First Wives Club.. where they sing the song "You don't own me" and they're all dressed in white and as they leave they get their coats.

    RegretfulNomadRegretfulNomad8 dagar sedan
  • ariana's giggle is countagious

  • Firstly I thought that she was lip syncing because that voice sounded so similar as in song But that "OMG" AND "LAUGH" parts proved me wrong .. Love her voice soooooo muchhhh

    Nityanand OjhaNityanand Ojha9 dagar sedan
  • This is so sloppy!! However, it shows she can clearly sing hahahahhahaha

    Daniel FletcherDaniel Fletcher9 dagar sedan
  • SHE SO F***ING GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

    Angie HargerAngie Harger9 dagar sedan
  • She turned into lady Gaga

    kristian Inc.kristian Inc.9 dagar sedan
  • Hello Ariana Grande😂

    Mel BßMel Bß9 dagar sedan
  • But I still love you❤️❤️

    Mara loves strawberries Like love themMara loves strawberries Like love them9 dagar sedan
  • That’s kind of embarrasing

    Mara loves strawberries Like love themMara loves strawberries Like love them9 dagar sedan

    JJ and BellaJJ and Bella9 dagar sedan